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Just like there's more to Iowa than corn, there's more to Iowa cycling than RAGBRAI, fancy gear, and expensive bikes.  Since starting this blog back in 2014, I've learned how styles of biking are as unique and individual as the people doing the pedaling.  Find what speaks to you and you'll be Happy Riding!

A bike ride for me is:

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  • Recreational - Rides are about having fun rather than training for a cycling event. I choose to stick to the trails and avoid the roadways.

  • Leisurely - My rides are slow, but it just means I get to spend more time outside. Rides always include a bike break typically for pictures or snacks. 

  • Manageable - Rides average less than 25 miles.  

  • Casual - I prefer upright handlebars and attire that doesn't include spandex.

  • Visual - Bike rides are about getting out into nature and seeing the sights. 

I hope to encourage you to visit Iowa's trails.  If you're considering biking but feel intimidated or overwhelmed just remember there's no right or wrong way to enjoy biking.

Happy Riding!


A Bit More About Me....

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