Books Along the Bike Trail


A creative concept has been capturing the attention of people enjoying The Heart of the Warrior trail.

In efforts to promote literacy and foster fitness, the city of Waukee has completed the trailside project Waukee StoryWalk .


“We’re Going on A Bear Hunt” by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury is the book featured in the debut of the trail activity.   Appealing to beginning readers, and those young at heart, the story is broken into two-page segments on large book shaped displays.  Each page has a  coordinating activity to get readers moving and using their imagination while traveling down the trail.

On my visit to the trail several people had stopped to read the book.  Older readers were finding themselves remembering this childhood classic.  With a new story featured each month, residents young and old a like will be sure to visit often to see what is to read along the bike trail.

Well done Waukee!