Trailside Attractions: Albert The Bull

An Audubon resident since 1964, a red and white Hereford bull greets folks beginning or ending their bike ride on the T-Bone Trail.  


With his very own city park as home, Albert The Bull is the worlds largest bull.  Made of concrete Albert is 30 feet high and weighs 45 tons.  Big blue eyes and long eyelashes are some of his distinguishing features.

Over 20,000 people visit this huge Hereford each year.  Nearby is a kiosk for visitors to see pictures of Albert’s construction and hear him tell his story.   He was built as a tribute the to Iowa’s cattle and it’s impact to the Audubon community.  Albert was was named after Albert Kruse, the founder of Operation T-Bone, a project in the early 1900’s that brought Iowa beef to Chicago markets.

Plan a bike ride on the T-Bone Trail and stop to this hard-to-miss bull named Albert.