Biking T-Shirts

N+1 with N being the number of bikes currently owned.
— Credible Mathematicians of Cycling

The algebraic equation n+1 often comes in handy in the realm of biking.  This simple formula is a fun way to determine the correct number of bicycles one should own.  It can also be used to find the proper amount of bike themed t-shirts for a collection. 

With math justifying room for one more (now this is the kind of math I like!) I keep my eyes open for cool threads sold by bike shops, trail associations, and cycling magazines.  Group rides offering commemorative shirts are sure attention grabbers.  Online browsing at Twin Six, Cycology and Performance Bicycle  can be dangerous in a good way.  

Bike t-shirts have become a wardrobe essential for me.  Several times a week I find myself choosing one to wear.  Understanding I’m no fashion plate I prefer to keep my clothes comfortable, fun, and try not to take them too seriously.  Just like my bike rides.

Happy Riding!