Bike Gear That's Not Bike Gear 4.0


Some bike rides don't demand the luggage that is my handlebar bag.  But, often I still need an easy way to carry essentials like phone, keys, wallet, an extra bandana, and patch kit.  Viola! The fanny pack.  

Before going any further let's just decide to call it something else. Something less circa 1985. Something sans fanny.  Belt bag it is...

I can't recollect where or when I obtain my East Sport belt bag.  Thankfully I never got rid of it over the years because it has recently evolved into a go-to piece of bike gear!  It's lightweight, has multiple places to store essentials and bit of reflective striping.  

The only thing missing (so-far) is some flair like the handlebar bag has.  A problem soon to be remedied. 

Happy Riding!