Ahoy!! - Lights along the High Trestle Trail

Trail users who have left lights at home now have a "plan B" method for staying visible during nighttime treks to the High Trestle Bridge.  


Four eye-catching lighthouses are located along the trail.  Inside are flashing beacons to borrow and return at the end of your ride or walk.  


Now that's what I call a cool trail amenity!

Happy Riding!


Skunk River Greenbelt Trail System - A Best Kept Secret

I've been told the greenbelt is a Story County best kept secret.  I agree.

With a free afternoon my husband and I headed up to the Ames area with a plan to scout the E 18 and Anderson Access segments of the Skunk River Greenbelt Trail System.

During our visit we had the trails to ourselves.  The minimal tracks on the trail proved how few folks had visited since the last snow fall.  Not a single bike track was spotted!!

The greenbelt is easily accessible just off of I-35 and is a great trail for snowshoeing, cross country skiing, fat biking, hiking, fishing, and mountain biking.  With Peterson Pits and McFarland Park nearby there's lots of options for getting outside.  The only drawback is the noise from the adjacent interstate. But after only a few minutes on the trail it's soon ignored.  

While hiking I kept thinking "If I owned a fat bike THIS is the place I'd take it."  These trail segments were perfect!  Flat, beautiful, peaceful and interesting landmarks to spot among the trees.  I will definitely be back here on a bike, but hiking and snowshoeing are just as fun. 

 Plan your own trip to Ames and explore a trail along the Skunk River Greenbelt.  Just keep it a secret okay? 

Need a coffee, craft beer, sugar or pizza fix while in Ames?  I recommend: 

Coffee Outside - The Inaugeral Brew Up

I've always admired the ingenuity of  folks who inject coffee into their bike rides.  How I envied those like pondero and graveldoc who pedal to  quiet spots, set up a small camp, brew a cup of joe, and enjoy a relaxing bike break.  

When my husband acquired a silicone coffee dripper and backpacking stove from a friend  I seized my opportunity!  I borrowed the brew up tools numerous times over the past months and practiced my pour over skills in the comforts of the kitchen.  Next it was getting comfortable using the backpacking stove. This was also done at home outside on the deck.   Having gotten the techniques down (it's not hard but it sure is fun!) it was time to put my new skills to work outside.  

With a backpack filled with the necessities (and a snack of course) I met my sister for a snowshoe outing.  We traipsed around enjoying the fantastic scenery and found a perfect brewup spot.  A fallen tree did the job keeping the gear out of the snow.  The nearby lake provided a beautiful view to take in while enjoying our coffee.  

There was something exciting and yet difficult to describe about being surrounded by trees and snow while brewing the coffee. The aromas seemed more pungent and the coffee tasted even better than it had at home.  

I'm looking forward to injecting coffee into my own bike rides and joining ranks with the "pros" of the outdoor pour overs and presses. 

Time to scout out coffee outside locations along the bike trails!

Happy (Caffeinated) Riding!

Iowa Bike Blogs

When winter weather extends time between bike rides I find myself turning to the Internet to for the adventures fellow Iowan's are having on their bicycles.  A comfy chair, a hot cup of coffee and a fully charged ipad are my tools for enjoying a bike ride while the wind howls, the snow drifts and the temperature falls.  

 Here's my running list of Iowa bike blogs:

Andrea from Iowa

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Josie's Bike Life

Nothing Adventured; Nothing Gained

Riding the Mindway


Zen Biking

Happy Riding!

Too Many Pictures!!

Jim Gaffigan does a hilarious bit on how we take WAY too many pictures.  Guilty as charged! My bike riding is filled with picture taking.  Or, maybe it's picture taking punctuated with bike riding.  Either way, 2015 was filled with lots of snaps.


What to do with all those photos?  As an early Christmas gift to myself I created a collage to hang in my office.  It has my favorite pictures taken throughout the year.  It will be a nice addition to the other cycling art and a great way to remind myself of a year filled with great rides.

Beats having them sitting in a file directory on my bike ride computer!

Happy Riding!