Hammock Ride to Hanging Rock Park

The morning had only two items on the agenda:  Bicycling and hammocking.


With my gear tucked away in my pannier I headed out on the Raccoon River Valley Trail.  My destination was Hanging Rock Park in Redfield.  It's a secluded gem with it's sandstone ledges and shady spots for a restful bike break.  (For additional information on Hanging Rock Park check out this previous write-up.) 

I made a stop at the Adel "plaza" to admire the new trail signage and then experienced disappointment when finding the water fountain inoperable.  A pretty trailhead is nice, but I think this is an example of where function needs to be the priority.

Wild plums along the trail still need ripening time.  I picked a couple and found them super tart.  The tree canopy was in it's glory and the trail surface in better condition.  Kudos to the folks who filled the gaps and smoothed the bumps!

Arriving at Hanging Rock I set up the hammock and then explored around.  Man the water was muddy!  I had a the place to myself until I heard the noon whistle blow in town.  Then a gentleman arrived for his lunch break.  He said hello and asked a few questions about my hammock before heading back to the brick plant. Lucky me didn't have anywhere to be but hanging among the trees.

Happy Riding!