Coffee Outside VI - Clive Greenbelt Trail

The Ride

With crisp temperature the morning was ripe for coffee outside.  The agenda: ride to the Campbell Recreation area for a breakfast brew up.

My route there included the Waukee-Clive portion of the Raccoon River Valley Trail.  I dislike this trail segment...very much.  It includes crossing numerous intersections, entryways, and riding alongside four noisy lanes of traffic.  One can not/should not ride here without being "on alert".   

Using a different route, the ride back was enjoyable.  The pretty greenbelt, quiet neighborhoods and easier intersections are my preferred way to pedal between Waukee and Clive. It's definitely one less traveled.

The Brew Up

Sure, there are plenty of picnic tables at the park, and yes it was a cloudy day, but I couldn't resist setting up my little breakfast camp underneath a beautiful Weeping Willow.

I recently acquired two new additions to my kit.  A camp mug from Omaha Bicycle Co and a burr grinder by Tanors.  Turns out grinding beans is a fun way to kill time while the water heats. My pouring was a bit sloppy but the results proved positive.  

Cross your fingers temperatures stay conducive for morning activities like these.

Happy Riding!

*Jam Jar beans from Kickapoo Coffee Roasters.