A Bike Ride Down Memory Lane

As a country kid the only route option for bike rides was the gravel road.  Rides were out-n-backs with landmarks as the turn around point.  On a recent visit back home I took a bike ride down memory lane.  

The Corner


This was the most frequent route as it was the closest to home.  The wide T intersection was perfect for turning around after skidding to a stop.

The White Telephone Pole


A popular route for walks with Mom, and sometimes even the cat!  The pole has has since been replaced with one like all the rest.

The Creek


For more adventurous rides.  Back then this destination seemed so far from home. My brother once rode back home with a bucket of bullheads hanging from his handlebars.  

Not much on this route had changed.  It did seem shorter though, which was good.  I forgot to leave Mom a note saying "going to the creek" and needed to hurry back home.

Happy Riding!